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BULLY CD Highlights from BULLY (2014 — CD)

This recording includes six highlights from the new musical BULLY, featuring some of Houston’s best musical theatre talent.  The recording is available in digital form with a $15 donation or in CD form with a $100 donation toward the fund to make BULLY into an independent film.  Four tracks are also available online.

Learn more and donate at bullythemusical.com.

Music of Difference CD MUSIC OF DIFFERENCE (2011 — CD | iTunes | Amazon mp3)

This CD features flutist Catherine Branch in recordings of contemporary works of music from her Music of Difference concert series that has played around the world.  These works explore “the beauty in disability and diversity.”

The CD includes an all-new recording of Catherine Branch performing Aaron’s “Hibakusha,” a solo flute piece about the survivors of the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Death, the Musical

DEATH, THE MUSICAL (2011 — CD | iTunes)

This musical revue features 14 comic songs and musical numbers from the new show DEATH, THE MUSICAL. This recording features the work of six composers and four lyricists from NYC, LA, Chicago, and Houston, as performed by the original concept cast. Critic Buzz Bellmont raves, “I had a huge grin on my face during the entire show of this seedy, gross, irreverent, crude, rude, base, in your face, and totally entertaining…musical [that] should be reproduced by every little theatre across the United States.”

The CD includes ten songs to which Aaron Alon contributed lyrics and two to which he wrote music.

Capstone CD SCI: “SOLILOQUIES” (2009 — CD)

This release from the Society of Composers, Inc. features contemporary solo and duo works.

Aaron’s “Hibakusha” is performed by flutist Catherine Branch, who gave the work its US premiere and performed it around the world as part of her “Music of Difference” concert series.

High Wood CD HIGH WOOD: IAN DAVIDSON (2008 — CD | iTunes)

This release on the Wild Basin Winds label brings together a number of exciting works for solo oboe, including Aaron Alon’s “Córdoba,” all performed by Ian Davidson, Associate Professor of Music at Texas State University and Associate Principal oboist of the Austin Symphony Orchestra and Austin Lyric Opera.

Catherine Pagan of the Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities raves: “Ian Davidson’s solo performance of Córdoba is breathtaking!”


This first CD release by the National Association of Composers includes works by Daniel Adams, Aaron Alon, Nurit Barlev, Jeremy Beck, Brian Conn, Nancy Bloomer Deussen, Chihchun Chi-sun Lee, Dimitar Ninov, Vivian Adleberg Rudow, James Paul Sain, Paul Stouffer, Michael Sidney Timpson, and John Winsor.

On this recording of Aaron’s “Spring and Fall,” Sherry Kloss of The Triangle says, “How perfect is the partnership of the cello and the voice to convey this music!” Performed by Kimberly Lauritsen, Peter Myers, and Jacob Adams.


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