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MUSI 1390 Assignment

Edit this short introduction to “Somebody to Love” using the following instructions:


1. Download files Audio-1 and Audio-2 and import them into a new session in Pro Tools 10

2. Crop Audio-1 and Audio-2 and cross-fade, so that we start with Audio-1 and end with Audio-2.  You can choose the entrance point of Audio-2, but make sure that the cut off for the second-to-last word (“to”) is from Audio-2 and the last note is, similarly, from Audio-2.

3. There’s too much space between the words, so cut some of that out and also cut out the breaths.

4. Fade in at the beginning (try to use it to help smooth out the imperfect entrance) and fade out at the end.

5. Save the session in the THAW drive and back it up on your USB drive.  Be sure to grab all the files in the folder, not just the ProTools file.


1. Add reverb, compression, and — if you’d like — EQ.  Use your tastes here.

2. Bounce down two versions of the file: one with the reverb bypassed, and one with the reverb on.

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