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SOUL FLOW was commissioned by the American Festival for the Arts for the 2013 Collaborations Concert in Houston, Texas. The commission was for a new work for speaker and chamber ensemble, with writer Tacey A. Rosolowski and composer Aaron Alon responding to the year’s theme, “Desiring Her Soul to be Beautiful,” a line from a Ruth Valladares Corrêa poem that Heitor Villa-Lobos set in his Bachianas Brasileiras: Aria (Cantilena).


Soul Flow - Score


Read Tacey A. Rosolowski’s text for SOUL FLOW here: pdf

Author’s Note

“I can trace some of my thoughts about the soul to an evening during my adolescence when I walked home during a windstorm.  I suddenly felt my body boundaries dissolve, as if I had become one with the air and trees surging around me in the darkness.  Later, during my studies, I would find intellectual touchstones for this profound and exhilarating experience, and I have drawn on a number of them in creating images of the soul’s activity in Soul Flow: Christian and Jewish mystics; the Buddhist tradition; American Transcendentalism; and contemporary religious thinkers who define transcendence as an outward expansion into connection (rather than as a vertical ascension that strips away dimensions of experience).  However, my collaboration with composer Aaron Alon may be one of the happiest and challenging exercises of soul for me as a writer.  This symbiotic integration of words with music records the exchanges of two eagerly creative souls over the course of many months.”

—Tacey A. Rosolowski

Speaker, Flute, Clarinet (doubling on bass clarinet), Viola, & Cello

8 minutes


American Festival for the Arts

July 12, 2013
American Festival for the Arts Collaboration Concert
Anderson Fair, Houston, TX
Rebecca Powell Garfield, flute; Richard Nunemaker, clarinet; Erika Lawson, viola; Patrick Moore, cello

Additional Performance: October 4, 2015, TEMPO New Music Ensemble, CSUN

Studio Recording
Not commercially available
Carolyn Johnson, speaker; Rebecca Powell Garfield, flute; Richard Nunemaker, clarinet; Erika Lawson, viola; Patrick Moore, cello

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