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Vocal Works

All Rights Reserved (2008) — 5 1/2 minutes
for high voice and piano

Breaking the Silence (2008) — 13 minutes
for soprano and tape

Dulce Et Decorum Est (2007) — 6 1/2 minutes
for baritone and string quartet (or baritone and piano)

Father’s Song (2011) — 3 minutes
for bass and piano

The Silken Tent (2002, rev. 2003) — 3 1/2 minutes
for mezzo-soprano and piano

Spring and Fall (2003) — 5 1/2 minutes
for medium voice, cello, and piano

Vocal Scores Currently Available

All Rights Reserved score

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Dulce et Decorum Est score

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Dulce et Decorum Est score (piano-vocal version)

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Spring and Fall score

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