for Violin and Two Cellos

“Spell” is a programmatic piece depicting sorcerers casting a spell in a forest by night. The piece is written in three movements that are played without pause. In the first movement (“Spell”), the casting of the spell starts in the violin and is echoed and expanded upon by the second cello. The second movement (“Pagan Dance”) builds out of the first into a raucous dance by the fire. The music’s energy continually increases until it is finally suspended at a high point. The spell is ending with the approach of dawn. In the final movement (“Embers”), the fire begins to die. Various motives and themes return in fragmentary form. The spell and the fire die out, as the magic fades from view.


Work Details

8½ minutes

May 6, 2004
New Music Festival
Kulas Hall, Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland, OH
Sarah Crocker (violin), Peter Myers (cello), Joshua Roman (cello)

2004 National Association of Composers (NACUSA) Young Composers Contest

Live Recording
Not commercially available
Sarah Crocker (violin), Peter Myers (cello), Joshua Roman (cello)

For parts and other performance materials, contact Aaron Alon.